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In 2009 Alan and J.J. Farmer started what is now known as Farmers Pest Control in the small              bedroom community of Helena, Alabama. With a background in customer service, management, and                                                                  leadership, Alan and J.J. set out to build a company built on                                                                    the foundation of good old-fashioned customer service. Each                                                                  and every customer would have the chance to either speak                                                                      with or meet Alan or J.J. which gave them the ability to know                                                                    each customer personally. It was this approach that
                                                              helped Farmers become the Best Pest Control Company 4                                                                      times by Shelby County residents. As they grew, they added a                                                                few superstar team members to the company. With a focus on hiring people with a solid understanding of excellent service, integrity, hard work, and reliability, Farmers continues to be one of the fastest growing pest control companies in Alabama. 
Greg Lancaster, Senior Pest Technician
Greg has been serving the citizens of Shelby County for over 29 years. He serves our customers as a Pest and Mosquito Technician covering Helena
Isaac Howard, Pest Technician
Isaac has been serving the citizens of Shelby and Jefferson County for over 20 years. He serves our customers as a Pest Control Technician covering McCalla, Bessemer, Hoover, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Pelham, and Chelsea. 
Alan Farmer, Owner
Alan founded the company back in 2009 and has served as a Pest, Mosquito, and Termite Technician. Alan is also a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has over 30 years experience in Management and Customer Service. He is currently the Certified Operator and Technical Leader.
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