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How To Effectively Keep Spiders In Vestavia Outside Where They Belong

September 15, 2022

Vestavia (otherwise known as Vestavia Hills) is a suburb of Birmingham. It is a city with a welcoming, family-friendly vibe and heaps of southern charm. Sitting on top of Shades Mountain, it offers a 360-degree picture of the mountainous landscape, including Shades Valley. The views will leave you speechless. Another thing in Vestavia that might take your breath away is finding numerous spiders constructing webs around your home. Without Vestavia pest control, spiders may make your charming home look creepy.

Three Typical Entry Points For House Spiders

Over 3,000 types of spiders creep around the various states in the country; this means homeowners are bound to find a few inside their homes. Since spiders are tiny, they can use the slightest defect to get inside your home.

Three typical entry points spiders often use include:

  1. Doors
  2. Windows
  3. Small cracks, gaps, or holes

Over time, doors and windows can become warped and develop gaps that give spiders easy access to homes. Also, things that cross thresholds, like boxes and firewood, can have spiders tagging along for a ride right into homes. Cracks, gaps, and holes in your siding, foundation, or incoming utility lines often facilitate the bridge spider's use to transition from outdoor to indoor living. Once spiders put down roots within your home, it won't be long before they begin expanding their family unit.

Are Spiders Breeding Inside My Home?

Common house spiders in Alabama enjoy quiet living in out-of-the-way locations where they can locate an adequate food supply and begin breeding. Male and female house spiders typically occupy the same web and repeatedly mate. Female house spiders can reproduce 12 or more times during their lifetime and lay anywhere from 100 to 380 eggs. Her eggs get encased in a brown, oval-shaped papery sac and attached to her web. Once a female's eggs hatch, baby spiders (spiderlings) will remain in the web for a short time before they seek a place to settle within your home. With this kind of reproduction rate, it is essential to have a trusted pest professional like Farmers Pest Control on hand to help curb the spread of spiders within your home.

How To Seal Off Spider Entry Points Around Your Vestavia Home

Knowing how spiders get into homes can be very beneficial in setting up a plan of home defense for spiders in Vestavia. With some simple fixes, people can significantly reduce a spider's ability to access their homes.

Ways to make sure entry points get properly sealed include the following:

  • Use silicon-based caulking to fill all cracks, gaps, or holes in your siding, foundation, or around utility items coming into your house.
  • Ensure windows are in good repair; weatherstripping can aid in sealing gaps. Screens should be installed and properly maintained (no holes).
  • Doors should fit securely without gaps; weatherstripping and door sweeps can shore up a defective door.

Spiders inside your home can have everyone on edge. With expert services from Farmers Pest Control, spiders in Vestavia will safely and effectively be removed, bringing peace of mind to homeowners.

Professional Spider Control In Vestavia Made Simple

House spiders in Alabama can seem to occupy every corner of your home. When that happens, it's time to call the area's best pest control company (voted 3x by Shelby County). Farmers Pest Control is a local company established in 2009; we are also family and veteran-owned. Our company offers the most comprehensive pest control services in the area with plans customized to your specific pest needs. All of our services are safe for children and pets and guaranteed. Contact Farmers Pest Control today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Vestavia and to get a free quote.