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Commercial Pest Control In Helena, AL And Surrounding Areas

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Comprehensive Pest Control For Your Helena Business

Treating a commercial property for pests is not the same as treating a home for pests. The pest pressures may be the same, and the treatments may even be the same, but certain considerations must be taken into account when solving pest problems for a business that you don’t need to consider when treating a home. At Farmers Pest Control, we understand these differences and deliver commercial pest control services that meet your facility’s pest control needs. Farmers Pest Control provides comprehensive pest control for your Helena business using our years of experience and local expertise.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have all of your ducks in a row. While most people don’t love paperwork, you know that having yours in order is important. When you choose Farmers Pest Control for your commercial pest control needs, you can be certain that we will document every step of the process for your records. We offer specific reporting for inspections, treatment methods, where and when we perform treatments, product usage, pests and pest activity, and more.

Every time we visit your property, we’ll perform a thorough inspection and a comprehensive treatment. At Farmers Pest Control, our goal is not only to rid your business of dangerous pests but also to be proactive, so your facility doesn’t develop any new infestations. We recommend monthly treatments and detailed in every treatment we perform. We are especially mindful of high-traffic areas.

We know that your business hours may make it difficult for us to provide you with the services you need during regular hours, which is why we offer flexible scheduling for our commercial customers. We carry more than the required insurance and hold licensing in all municipalities. If your business is taking part in a health inspection and you need our input or cooperation, we’re happy to help.

Facilities We Service

Municipal Buildings

Municipal facilities serve important functions within our community. If pests get inside, they can take valuable time and resources away from the places they are needed. Let Farmers Pest Control keep these structures pest-free.

Office Buildings

From law firms to real estate offices to everything in between, office buildings house businesses that do important work. Keeping your office building free of pests is essential. Farmers Pest Control can help.

Medical Offices

Your doctor or dental office needs to stay pest-free to avoid the dangerous pathogens that pests can spread. Keep your medical facility safe from pests by partnering with Farmers Pest Control for commercial pest control.

Catering Companies

Any business that deals with food knows the importance of staying pest-free. A pest infestation can contaminate your food and destroy your hard work. Keep your catering company free of pests with Farmers Pest Control.

Floral Companies

When you work with flowers and plants, you know how destructive pests can be to your business if they get into your facility. Protect your flowers and your company with the help of Farmers Pest Control.


Making your church a welcoming place is part of your mission, but if pests get inside, it will not present the welcoming feel you want it to. Protect the people who come through your doors each week with Farmers Pest Control.

Why You Can Feel Confident Choosing Farmers Pest Control

Choosing a pest control company for your business is a serious decision. You want a company that knows what it’s doing while making you feel comfortable in the process. Farmers Pest Control:

  • Has over a decade of experience in the pest control industry.
  • Services hundreds of businesses in Helena and the surrounding areas.
  • Customizes our treatments to every business for which we work.
  • Uses Integrated Pest Management methodologies.
  • Delivers comprehensive inspections and treatments with every visit to your facility.
  • Offers flexible scheduling to meet your business’s needs.
  • Provides robust reporting to you for every aspect of our services.
  • Carries more than the required insurance and is licensed in all municipalities.
  • Offers proactive services to stop pest problems before they start.
  • Is locally owned and operated.
  • Is family owned and operated.
  • Is veteran owned and operated.
  • Provides free quotes.
  • Guarantees our services.
  • Uses child and pet-friendly products.
  • Is a three-time winner of the Best Pest Control Company in Shelby County.
  • Supports area schools and sports teams.
  • Is a member of the National Pest Management Association.
  • Is a member of the Alabama Realtors Association.
  • Is a member of the Birmingham Association of Realtors.

Farmers Pest Control has the qualifications and experience to meet all of your commercial pest control needs. Whether you want proactive treatments to prevent an infestation or need treatments to eliminate pests that have already gotten into your facility, Farmers Pest Control will do the job with excellence.

Expert Pest Control To Protect Your Business

As Helena’s local pest control experts, Farmers Pest Control provides the commercial pest control services necessary to meet all your pest control needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable pest control technicians are ready to identify, treat, and solve your pest problems so your business can operate the way it’s intended to — pest-free. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about our home pest control services.