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Home Pest Control In Helena, AL And Surrounding Areas

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Let Our Family Protect Your Family’s Helena Home From Pests

As a family-owned business, Farmers Pest Control knows a thing or two about what it takes to do everything you can to protect your family. We understand that a stressful situation can put a strain on you mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. If pests get into your Helena home, you may worry about your family’s health and the damage they can do to your house. Protecting your family and your home requires you to have the necessary skills and knowledge to take care of the problem yourself or enlist the help of professionals who can deal with the issue safely and effectively.

Farmers Pest Control is run by your local pest control experts. As long-time residents of Helena, we have over a decade of experience solving pest problems for residential properties. We offer free quotes, same-day services, and a 100% service guarantee on all of our treatments. Whether you need a pest problem solved or want proactive pest control in Helena, AL, Farmers Pest Control is the company to call.

What To Expect From Our Residential Pest Control

Our residential pest control efficiently and effectively takes care of your pest problems. We start when you contact us by getting an idea of your concerns over the phone so that we know what to focus on when we arrive at your house.

During our initial visit, we will inspect your home and perform a treatment at the same time. This procedure allows for a faster resolution to any pest problems you’re experiencing since we won’t do the inspection one day and have to return on a different day for the treatment. When we get to your house, we’ll talk with you first to discuss the main areas you want us to focus on. We’ll then begin a detailed inspection and treatment of your home inside and out.

Our initial inspection scouts out conducive conditions, such as leaving lights on outside, overflowing gutters, open garage doors, left out pet food, drainage issues, gaps in siding, crevasses, overgrown shrubs and foliage, overuse of mulch, and other things you might be doing to attract pests. We’ll review ways you can rectify these issues to help prevent pests from infiltrating your property.

Our areas of treatment include both indoor and outdoor locations. These include:

  • Baseboards
  • Door openings
  • Plumbing entry points
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Basement
  • Exterior doors
  • Windows
  • Foundation
  • Driveway
  • Garage
  • And more

Our residential pest control also includes rodent protection as long as there is no active rodent infestation on your property. After our initial service, we’ll return to your home every quarter. We’ll text you the day before our scheduled treatment to remind you of the appointment and to find out if you’re having any issues you want us to look into. Our follow-up services typically include just the exterior of your home unless an interior service is requested.

After every service, we’ll recap our findings with a digital report. This report includes what we saw, what we treated, and recommendations on how to best avoid a future problem.

Our Pest Control Process


A thorough home inspection is the first step in effective pest control. This inspection includes both the interior and exterior to identify any problem or potential problem areas.


Our treatments occur at the same time as our inspection so that you can begin to receive service as quickly as possible. We’ll customize treatment to the interior and exterior of your house.

Follow Up

Quarterly follow-up treatments protect your home and your family from pests all year long and through every season. We use treatment methods and products that are safe for your children and pets.

Our Specialty Pest Control Services

In addition to our general home pest control, we also offer several services that are specific to particular types of pests. These include:

Comprehensive Pest Control To Protect Your Home

At Farmers Pest Control, we know that the best pest control is a comprehensive service that doesn’t cut corners. When you contact us for home pest control, we’ll take care of your home as if it were our own. You’ll receive detailed and thorough services to take care of active pests and prevent new infestations. Contact us today to get your free quote and learn more about our kid and pet safe treatments and our real estate inspections.