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Pest Control In Maylene, AL

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Reliable Pest Control Solutions In Maylene

While the community of Maylene may be home to only a few thousand people, those who live here are proud to do so, and this is a sentiment shared by those who work here.

As with anywhere, we experience our fair share of pest problems on residential or commercial properties. And unfortunately, some pests can cause damage or make people sick, so it's essential to know the right pest experts to assist with control and prevention.

Trusted by Maylene residents and businesses for years, Farmers Pest Control can provide you with the most efficient and reliable Shelby County pest control. And, when you work with Farmers Pest Control, you'll have peace of mind that treatments are kid and pet-friendly!

Residential Pest Control In Maylene

Keeping pests out is essential for all homeowners, so it's important to have reliable pest control experts to work with, like those at Farmers Pest Control.

The first time we visit your property, we will inspect the interior and exterior of your home, looking for conducive conditions, including moisture, crevasses, and more. Using our inspection findings, we will determine the best treatment and provide feedback on changes that can help prevent pests in the future.

During the first visit, we will treat the interior and exterior by performing the following:

  • On the interior, we will treat baseboards, door openings, plumbing entry points, kitchen, bathrooms, and basement.
  • We will place baits where necessary inside.
  • On the exterior, we will treat doors, windows, foundation, and driveway.
  • We also place glue boards where needed in the garage and use dust to remove spiderwebs up to 20 feet around the home.
  • Plus, we will implement rodent protection if no active rodents are present.

With our quarterly services, you can keep your home protected from pests year-round. We will return and treat your home's exterior every three months to keep pests out.

In addition to our general pest control services, we also offer specialty treatments for termites, mosquitoes and ticks, rodents, and fleas.

Contact Farmers Pest Control to learn more about our residential pest control offerings!

Commercial Pest Control In Maylene

Don't let pest infestations cause a strain on your business by spreading diseases, causing contamination, or damaging your property. Instead, get assistance from our team at Farmers Pest Control for professional and reliable commercial pest control treatments.

We base our commercial services on your specific needs, which we will discuss during the first visit and inspection. We also offer our commercial customers reporting that specifies pest activity, treatment, products, and other necessary information you need.

With our monthly treatment visits, we will protect your business against pests. So don't wait; get started with the pest control services you need by calling us at Farmers Pest Control today!

What To Do If You See Ticks In Your Maylene Home

Ticks are external parasites that are vectors of many dangerous diseases depending on the tick species. While ticks aren't usually an issue inside homes, they can become a problem in your yard, making their way inside on people, pets, and other home-invading pests. So if you see ticks in your home, you should contact us at Farmers Pest Control for assistance.

We offer a mosquito and tick prevention plan to keep these pests off your property. For this service, we start with a comprehensive inspection, looking for breeding sites and conducive conditions that invite these pests onto your property. Then we use dual products with methods such as a backpack blower and apply manually where these pests seek harborage for safe and long-lasting results.

We can provide mosquito and tick control treatments as a one-time service for a special event. However, we recommend monthly recurring treatments from March to October.

Contact Farmers Pest Control and talk to our experts about how we can assist you with ticks in your Maylene home.

Why Maylene Residents Turn To Professionals For Termite Protection

Termites, also known as "silent destroyers," infest homes without being noticed for weeks, months, or even years. Instead of waiting for a termite problem to happen, you can take preventative measures by working with pest control experts like those at Farmers Pest Control.

We provide targeted termite control services for eastern subterranean and Formosan termites, the two most common species in our area. We being with an inspection, look for signs of past and current termite activity. Then we will treat by placing bait stations in the soil around your home's perimeter.

To ensure your home stays free of termites, we will monitor and inspect it annually, providing recommendations for ways to keep your property from attracting termites.

Because of the nature of termites, they are not a pest the average person can control and prevent on their own, so call us at Farmers Pest Control for assistance you can trust.