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Mosquito And Tick Control In Helena, AL And Surrounding Areas

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Stop Dangerous Vectors With Farmers Pest Control

Mosquitoes and ticks outnumber Helena locals by a thousand to one. Unfortunately, that number will increase over the next couple of years. Experts predict a significant spike in local infestation rates with our higher-than-average temperatures and significant rainfall amounts.

There are several reasons why you may want to avoid mosquitoes and ticks around your Helena property. For one, these creatures may cause significant health problems for people and pets. Additionally, these pests seem to infest properties in compound groups. Neither ticks nor mosquitoes have a limit to the size of their infestations, which puts you and your loved ones at a high risk of contamination or infection.

You need access to mosquito and tick treatments at a moment's notice. Farmers Pest Control understands this completely, which is why we have offered professional pest control services in Helena for over 15 years. Whether you need systematic treatments or simply a one-time service, we have the flexibility you need to get rid of pests fast.

Here's how we manage mosquitoes and ticks throughout the Helena area.

How Farmers Pest Control Offers Mosquito And Tick Prevention

Mosquito and tick control services from Farmers Pest Control are seasonal and last from March through October. You can call us at any time to schedule your first visit. We offer quotes and consultations over the phone.

We pride ourselves on not beating around the bush. Our trained field technicians will visit your home within 24 hours of your phone call and perform a thorough property inspection. Our technicians will spend a great deal of time looking for breeding sites and other conducive conditions, then report back to you with their findings.

The next task for your field technician will be a comprehensive explanation of your treatment solutions. At Farmers Pest Control, we believe we can best control mosquitoes and ticks with dual products reflected in our treatment options. We ensure all our customers get safe and long-lasting results by investing in two of the best products on the market.

These cutting-edge solutions include a product developed to help find malaria in Africa, which supports homes and businesses with prolonged coverage. We also use a product that stops breeding adult mosquitoes from laying new eggs around your yard, slowing their seasonal life cycle and defending against future invasions.

Both products can be safely used together at double the treatment capacity, which is how we stop mosquitoes and ticks in their tracks.

Farmers Pest Control refrains from applying treatment to every corner of your yard. Rather than using a messy or less efficient backpack blower, we prefer a more manual and precise approach. We apply your two-step mosquito and tick treatments to specific harborage zones, including thick vegetation, shrub lines, and other suspicious locations.

The scheduling of your mosquito and tick control services will be entirely up to you. Although we encourage our customers to add this program to their quarterly pest control programs, we also provide monthly treatments or one-time solutions for special events or holidays. Whatever is right for you will be right for us!

We believe that our mosquito control and tick management approach will be 100% effective for your property. In fact, we believe in our solutions so much that we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. If you find your mosquito and tick control treatments inefficient, lackluster, or unsuccessful, give us a call right away. We will return to the premises to resolve the issue completely.

Mosquito And Tick Protection Starts With Farmers Pest Control

Vector pests like mosquitos and ticks don't stand a chance against the team at Farmers Pest Control. We're proud to treat your home fast with same-day and emergency pest control services. Our technicians take the time to thoroughly inspect your yard, then apply a set of high-quality products you can feel good about. Thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee and dual product treatments, we're confident you'll get the desired results in record time!

Getting started with mosquito and tick protection begins with a simple phone call. Just reach out to Farmers Pest Control today to book an inspection of your property. Otherwise, complete our online contact form to inquire about a custom quote and learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.