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*Please Note: We no longer inspect Crawlspaces, Townhomes or Condos. *For Real Estate Agents Only. Homeowners should contact us at 205-506-3500.

Providing Professional Wood-Destroying Insect Inspections & Reports

Purchasing a house is a costly decision that requires regular upkeep and work. This decision becomes even more expensive when pests invade and remain unchecked in your home. Here in Helena, AL, and across the United States, termites are dangerous pests responsible for causing massive structural damage to residential properties. Nobody wants to buy a property infested with termites, which is why Farmers Pest Control offers our professional services to inspect real estate properties for termites and other wood-destroying pests.

When dealing with a termite infestation, many things can go wrong. Termites are silent invaders that work behind the scenes to destroy your home quietly and over time, and their damage adds up quickly! Farmers Pest Control inspects homes for sale in Helena and provides detailed reports of our findings to lenders and other interested parties. Don't be caught off guard by termites; reach out to Farmers Pest Control for pest control in Helena, AL, today!

Our Helena, AL Real Estate Inspection Service

In order to get ahead of termite damage before it levels your property, a termite inspection performed by trained professionals is your safest bet. At Farmers Pest Control, our pest management specialists can accurately identify the signs of a termite presence on the interior and exterior of your property. Some of the most common signs of termites include:

  • Buckling floorboard and drooping drywall.
  • Damage to paint or wallpaper.
  • Discarded wings from termite swarmers.
  • Faint scratching sounds from within the walls.
  • Mud tubes along the foundation.
  • Termite droppings.
  • Wood shavings or frass.

Farmers Pest Control provides VA-approved NPMA-33 forms for purchasing and refinancing a home in Helena. We provide a complete inspection and prepare the proper report necessary for your home. You can learn more about this separate termite control service by visiting our real estate inspection service page.

Once we have concluded our inspection, we will report our findings to the appropriate parties. In most cases, we can complete same-day reports.

Professional Termite Control For Helena Homeowners

In addition to our real estate inspection service, we offer a separate termite control program. Our team has the training to identify signs of termites and will inspect the interior and exterior of your home for signs of current and former termite activity. We will also identify conducive conditions that allow termites to live and feed on your home.

Our termite treatments use bait stations installed in the soil around the perimeter. We will continue monitoring and inspecting for termite activity on an annual basis; when we find an area where termites are active, we will focus treatment on that location to effectively control active termite colonies.

Doing Our Part For Our Community

At Farmers Pest Control, we provide local, approachable, and friendly pest solutions for local homeowners and many commercial spaces throughout Helena and the surrounding areas. Our pest control technicians practice advanced Integrated Pest Management methodologies to eliminate active infestations and prevent future pest problems as well.

We also support schools in our community by contributing general funds each year. Last year, we introduced the Farmers Pest Control Foundation - Future Business Leaders Scholarship to provide higher education to graduating seniors pursuing a business degree. We also sponsor the high school football team and various charity and recreational community events. When you partner with Farmers Pest Control, you know you are in good hands with professionals who care.

Our helpful Helena pest control professionals are personable and easy to contact; just give us a call today and request your free quote. Our residential pest control and commercial pest control services are just what you need to keep your property pest-free for good. Contact Farmers Pest Control today to learn more.