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Stop Sharing Your Home with Rodents

Rodents have no place in your home—they’re unsanitary, unsettling, and even dangerous. Whether you suspect you have a rodent infestation or want to prevent one from happening, trust Farmers Pest Control. We use the best products available to protect your home from unwanted rodents, giving you back peace of mind.


Rodent Control in Birmingham Metro Area

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They may seem small and harmless, but rodents pose a serious risk to your family and home. Rats and mice carry over 35 diseases, including hantavirus, salmonella, and leptospirosis. They can also trigger allergies, contaminate your food, and even cause fires by chewing through electrical wires. Rather than struggle with ineffective DIY treatments, trust our professional rodent control. Not only are our experts trained to identify and treat current infestations, but we will also prevent future infestations.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Rodents are elusive pests that prefer to stay hidden during the day, only coming out at night when you’re not around. They also make their nests in hard-to-reach areas within your home, such as wall voids, under floorboards, and behind appliances. This makes it difficult to determine if you have a rodent infestation or not. While a professional inspection is the only way to confirm the presence of rodents, you can be on the lookout for signs of a rodent infestation such as:

  • Teeth marks: Rodents chew on everything from food packaging to baseboards, leaving behind small teeth marks.
  • Foul odor: Strong, musky odors with no obvious source can be caused by rodent urine and droppings.
  • Smudge marks: As they travel, rodents can bump into objects and leave smudges due to the oil and dirt in their fur.
  • Noise: Sounds of scampering, gnawing, and scratching in the walls or attic can be caused by rodents.
  • Droppings: Rodent droppings resemble raisins or black rice, and are often in cabinets and closets.

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Get Same-Day Relief from Rodents

Rodent infestations can quickly become overwhelming, making you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Rather than make you wait for relief, we proudly offer same-day services. Simply give us a call before noon, and one of our exterminators will be at your door in just a few hours, ready to tackle your rodent problem head-on.

No Contracts Necessary

When you partner with Farmers Pest Control, we don’t rope you into an unnecessary contract. Recurring services have a variety of benefits, such as long-term protection, but we understand that’s not the best option for everyone. That’s why we let you choose what fits your needs! Whether you’re signed up for one of our comprehensive packages or need a one-time solution, you can feel confident you’re getting the best care possible.

You’ll Be Rodent-Free, Guaranteed!

We understand how stressful a rodent infestation is, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure your home is rodent-free. If you experience problems after service, simply let us know! One of our rodent exterminators will happily return to your home and re-treat for free.

Our rodent control services are available throughout Alabama, including:

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